Special Issue: Cities and Transport in the Mediterranean Region


The new journal seeks to understand the challenges and ideas facing people in new and emerging economies and give scholarly voice to ideas and critical reflections on common world-wide matters of concern affecting human settlements such as climate change, transport and traffic-related issues, big data networks, design, smart citizens / smart cities, and so on.

I have decided to assist this new project as a member of the Editorial Board and I am now supervising the development of a special issue dedicated to Transportation in the urban areas of the Mediterranean region. The title of the special issue is: “Cities and Transport in the Mediterranean Region”.

What we are looking for, are scholarly extended abstracts/essays of approximately 1000-1500 words raising issues, awareness or proposed solutions for the tackling of the problems facing traffic and transport in the urban areas of the Mediterranean countries. 

I warmly invite you to submit an extended abstract/essay on the above lines. The deadline to final submission is 31 March 2020. This Special Issue is scheduled for late 2020 release.


Prof. Dr. George A. Giannopoulos,
Guest editor,  Cities and Transport of the Mediterranean Region
Email: ggian@academyofathens.gr