Forthcoming Special issue: Cities and Transport in the Mediterranean Region (Part 1)


The Special issue “Cities and Transport in the Mediterranean Region” refers to current day problems, issues, policies and solutions that have been applied to the urban traffic and transport systems in the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. This is a region that can rightly claim the title of being “the cradle of western civilization” with many modern day firsts, such as being the no. 1 tourist destination in the world and the third busiest (maritime) transport corridor, but also with many problems and differences. In terms of national population size or density, demographic growth rates, systems of administration, economic management and development one can find many different arrangements and levels of development but overall, in terms of the urban traffic and transport situation we see similarities in that all city administrations in the area are fighting traffic congestion, delays, pollution, noise, etc. It is therefore of general interest to see how these issues are tackled in the different urban areas and countries of the region and this is what this special issue of Ekistics (and its second part  that will follow in a month or so) attempts to do.   In this first part of the two-part ensemble, the reader will find a diverse number of papers with analyses ranging from the sustainability of Spanish cities' transport systems to the impact of big data on land-based and maritime networks in the Adriatic, or the developments related to China's 'One Belt, One Road' initiative in the Mediterranean region. Further contributions address issues such as gender-related violence in the transport system of Egypt, the perception of mobility patterns on university campuses in the Mediterranean, and the challenge of defining objectives for national energy transport policies. All papers have been prepared in the form of scholarly extended abstracts/essays raising issues, awareness or proposed solutions for the tackling of the problems facing traffic and transport in the urban areas of the Mediterranean countries. They may later give rise to full academic papers as their authors may decide, but for the time being we hope that they offer readers a good academic material to help them get a first picture of current problems and policies while at the same time giving them the chance to pursue further reading, if they wish, in the bibliography referenced in them.    

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Forthcoming Special issue: Cities and Transport in the Mediterranean Region Part 1 2020, Vol.80, Issue 2   Contents


1.     Cities and Transport in the Mediterranean Region: Editor’s Introduction

Prof. Dr G. A. GIANNOPOULOS, Transport Planner, Professor emeritus Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Cor. Member Academy of Athens (

2.     The long, Winding Road to Sustainable Mobility in Spanish cities       

Prof. A. APARICIO, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (

3.     Big Data Opportunities for the Port and Maritime Transport Sector in the Adriatic Region

Prof. M. MAZZARINO, Department of Architecture and Arts, Università IUAV di Venezia (, L. BRAIDOTTI, University of Trieste, M. COCIANCICH, Venice International    University - TeDIS Program, Sustainable Logistics Unit

4.     On User Perception of Mobility Patterns, Problems and efficient Measures for University Campuses in Mediterranean Countries

Dr. P. PAPANTONIOU, Post-Doctoral researcher (, Dr. E.   VLAHOGIANNI, Associate Professor, (, Prof. G. YANNIS, Professor, National Technical University of Athens, (

5.     Mediterranean City Ports and the Chinese One Belt One Road Initiative

Ms. V. KLIMI, Doctoral Candidate, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (

6.     Impact of gender-based violence on women daily travel decisions: the case study of Cairo, Egypt

Dr. M. ABOUELELA, Dr. A. MILITAO, Prof. C. ANTONIOU Chair of Transportation System Engineering, Department of Civil, Geo, and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Munich (

      7. Defining the Objectives of a National Energy Policy for Transport

T. Moschovou, Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (, A. Tromaras, Manufacturing Engineer (PhD, BEng, MSc), Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT)(, and D. Margaritis. Automotive Engineer, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) (