Special issue update 1: Turkey, Urbanism and the New Habitat



bc44f79d-74a1-4e2c-8215-3d86a79ada91.jpg Special issue update 1:
Turkey, Urbanism and the New Habitat Editor Special Issue:
Prof. Dr. Derya Oktay, Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey
Contact: de.oktay@gmail.com


The interest in our call for papers on Turkey has been strong, so we are now opening up invitations to submit scholarly extended abstracts. These are typically papers written often with post-graduates and mentors in the authorship team where a scholarly article of 1000-1500 words is submitted for double blind peer review, and if accepted, then published in this journal.

The Scholarly Extended Abstract call allows authors to test an aspect of their research in our journal before developing a full and differently focussed paper for future publication. This is a good way to build your publication record and get feedback from international reviewers familiar with the multi-disciplinary nature of studying and/or engaging in the practice of transforming human settlements. By submitting a paper, you will also have an opportunity to build your skills as an invited reviewer for other papers aligned to your interests.

I would like to remind the date of closure remains the 10 of June 2019 for initially submitting your brief 250 word paper proposals (regular abstracts) for both full papers (~7000 words) and scholarly extended abstracts (1000-1500 words).