The new online journal of Ekistics and the New Urban Agenda, aims to connect the practice of Ekistics with sustainable development practice for all types, scales, and bounded frames of human settlements: urban, rural or remote; traditional or modern; formal or informal; in developed or lesser developed contexts. We also aim to extend the Ekistics framework in terms of how we now understand settlement sustainability, livability and human wellbeing through the complex and adaptive dynamics at play.

Through the promotion of a complex systems approach to applying and evolving the Ekistics framework, and through the application of contemporary evidence based research and critical reviews,  contributors to the journal seek to both help build a grand theory for understanding human settlement patterns and systems, as well as apply knowledge as practitioners to specific aspects and scales of the urban build.  

The journal is both focussed on practice, as much as impact on policy, shared learning and data supported design of the built and digitally connected "technological ecology" across Earth.

The Journal of Ekistics and the New Urban Agenda provides an excellent platform for researchers, educators, policy makers and students, to submit work for Double-Blind, Peer Reviewed articles.  Topics may range in scale of human settlement, to data driven patterns and systems analysis of the urban build, to the human scale of people centred design, or to the grand theory level of critical work where ecology and climate interact with the settlements economy, design, technology and its residents and vistors.  

The Editors hope to lead new thinking in sustainable human settlement development, especially in policy design and implementation, community participation, and cultural development.