The "global" and the "local" in the Aegean Bronze Age: The case of Akrotiri, Thera


  • Antikleia Moundrea-Agrafioti



Global, Local, Bronze Age, Akrotiri


The author is Assistant Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, Department of History Archaeology and Social Anthropology , University of Thessaly, Greece. After undergraduate studies in History and Archaeology at the University of Athens she obtained her Masters as well as her Ph. D degree in Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Paris X, Nanterre in 1981. Her research interests focus on Aegean prehistory, spanning the Palaeolithic to Late Bronze Age, the prehistoric stone and bone technology, the obsidian characterization studies and the material culture issues, the interaction between technology and prehistoric communities and aspects involved in the contextual analysis. Her current fieldwork interests concern survey and excavation involving new technologies. Since 2005 she is the Director of the Zerelia Excavations Program, of the University of Thessaly. She has a long affiliation with The Akrotiri Thera Excavations since 1983. On the site she is involved in the excavation, study and publication of stone tools industries, and the database and GIS applications. Dr Moundrea Agrafioti is a member of the World Society for Ekistics. 



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Moundrea-Agrafioti, A. (2006). The "global" and the "local" in the Aegean Bronze Age: The case of Akrotiri, Thera. Ekistics and The New Habitat, 73(436-441), pp. 64–74.



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