Cities are successful because they are civic: The 2004 C.A. Doxiadis Lecture


  • David Crombie



Cities, Civic


The decision for the organization annually of a C.A. Doxiadis Lecture to honor the memory of the founder of Ekistics, was taken at the WSE meetings in _el_kovice, Czech Republic, in 2000. The series is meant to invite distinguished experts in any professional field which may be considered as directly or indirectly contributing to ekistics, to expose their ideas on any theme of their preference. Reference to C.A. Doxiadis or ekistics is not required, although any such reference is not excluded. The program for this year's lecture scheduled to take place at 19.30 hrs on 24 June was as follows:

Chairman: Alexander B. Leman
Introduction: Ingrid Leman Stefanovic
Lecturer: Hon. David Crombie
Theme: "Avoiding the 'dark age ahead' "

The lecture was delivered in the Medical Sciences Auditorium and was followed by a lively discussion.

*An edited version of Mr Crombie's presentation is produced on the opposite page entitled "Cities are successful because they are civic."

The WSE President, Alexander B. Leman, offered the speaker the four books by C.A. Doxiadis which were presented in 1976, one year after his death, by the then President of WSE, Professor R. Buckminster Fuller, at the Assembly of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements - Habitat I in Vancouver.



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