The price of sprawl in Ontario, Canada


  • Ray Rivers



Canada, Sprawl


The author is an environmental economist who provides consulting services to a wide range of clients from private industry, environmental interest groups and the federal and provincial governments. He has worked with the federal departments of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries and Oceans and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment; lectured at Concordia, the University of Ottawa and Wilfred Laurier University in Public Administration and Sustainable Development; and written widely on a range of environmental topics. Ray Rivers was the Canadian co-author of the Land Use sections in the 1996/1998 State of the Lake Ecosystem Conferences. The text that follows is an edited and revised version of a paper presented at the international symposion on "The Natural City," Toronto, 23-25 June, 2004, sponsored by the University of Toronto's Division of the Environment, Institute for Environmental Studies, and the World Society for Ekistics.



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Rivers, R. (2004). The price of sprawl in Ontario, Canada. Ekistics and The New Habitat, 71(424-426), pp. 52–55.