The geopolitical role of China: Crouching tiger, hidden dragon


  • Fabrizio Eva



China, Geopolitics


The author is an annual contract professor at the University of Venice - Ca' Foscari, Treviso campus, Italy, with a course on Political and Economic Geography. Previously he had annual contracts at the Institute of Human Geography, State University of Milan with courses on Geopolitical Dynamics and Analyzing Methods. He is corresponding member of the IGU World Political Map Commission. He is a member of the editorial board of the international reviews Geography Research Forum, Geopolitics, and The Arab World Geographer. His academic interests include current geopolitical dynamics, international relations, borders and nation-state issues, ethnonationalisms, political and economic dynamics in Eastern Asia (particularly China and Japan), the geopolitical legacy of Elisée Reclus, Piotr Kropotkin and anarchic thought. Recent publications are: Cina e Giappone. Due modelli per il futuro dell' Asia (Turin, UTET Libreria, 2000); "La geografia politica," in M. Casari, G. Corna Pellegrini and F. Eva, Elementi di geografia economica e politica (Rome, Carocci, 2003). Personal Webpage:



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Eva, F. (2003). The geopolitical role of China: Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Ekistics and The New Habitat, 70(422/423), pp. 341–350.