Expansion of the frontier and city of freedom


  • Yasuo Miyakawa




Iconography, City of Freedom


The author is Head Professor of the Division of Regional Science, Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies at Kyushu University, Japan. In 1965, he completed a degree at the Faculty of Law at Tohoku University in Sendai, winning the Academy of Law award. He received his doctorate in geography from Tohoku University in 1977, and his thesis, The Location Theory of Industry, and another volume, The Modern History of Toyota City, were published (in Japanese) that year. He worked with Professor Jean Gottmann of the School of Geography, Oxford University, from 1979, researching industrial geography, metropolises, and regional planning, and collaborating with him on several articles. Professor Miyakawa has lectured and taught at Oxford University and other universities. He was also external examiner for an doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Economics, Gothenburg University. He has been a member of the International Geographers Union Commission on the International Division of Labor and Regional Development (1984-1988), and the Commission on the Organizationof Industrial Space (1989 to the present), as well as academic associations in Japan. He is now an auditor of the Human Geographers Association, and councillor of the Economic Geographers Associationand the Japanese Geographers Association in Japan. He has worked closely with the Government of Japan, participating in planning projects with the Ministry of Economy, International Trade and Industry, and Education, Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Since 1980, he has served as a consultant to the United Nations Center of Regional Development, UNIDO, UNU, OECD and other international organizations. 



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