Maungarei-o-Tamaki in 2050 — A town within a city


  • David Johns
  • Ian Munro
  • Aimee Redknap
  • Sarah Ricketts


Town, City, Auckland


The authors are Bachelor of Planning students at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The text that follows is the summary of apresentation made by all four authors in a special session on Education and Research at the World Society for Ekistics Symposion "Defining Success of the City in the 21st Century," Berlin, 24-28 October, 2001.



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Johns, D., Munro, I., Redknap, A., & Ricketts, S. (2002). Maungarei-o-Tamaki in 2050 — A town within a city. Ekistics and The New Habitat, 69(415-417), pp. 288-289. Retrieved from