Re-establishing a capital city


  • Hans Stimmann



Berline, Cities


Dr Stimmann, an Engineer and Architect , Assistant Secretary for Planning at the Ministry of Urban Development, Environmental Protection and Technology, Berlin, and also Director of Urban Development at the same Ministry. His professional experience as architect and urban planner includes his involvement in industrial, housing and school construction and he has been Technical Advisorand Director of the Ministry of Building and Housing in Berlin, Urban Planning Department. He has been a member of the academic staff of the Technical University (TU) Berlin, Institute for Urban and Regional Planning; Lecturer at the TU Hamburg-Harburg carrying out research on urban renewal and the preservation of values. He has also done freelance work for the Office for Urban Construction and Urban Research in Berlin and has been Director of Urban Development at the Ministry of Building and Housing, Berlin. He is a member of the Social-Democratic Party (SPD) of Germany. He has published numerous articles in journals and books on urban planning and architecture, and has taken part in several urban planning exhibitions.



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Stimmann, H. (2002). Re-establishing a capital city. Ekistics and The New Habitat, 69(412-414), pp. 81–84.