The need for a contribution of ekistics to planning education and research


  • Thomas W. Fookes


Ekistics, Planning, Education, Research


Dr Fookes is an Associate Professor in the Planning Department, University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has worked variously through the past 36 years as a geographer-planner, academic, environmental impact assessor, policy analyst, and professional planner. A defining moment in his career path was the two years spent as a student with C.A. Doxiadis at the Athens Center of Ekistics in Greece. As a consequence he has carried through the principles and practices developed in Athens into his professional life. Dr Fookes is leading research and development on Ekistics in Education in the Planning Department, and he is currently a Vice-President of the World Society for Ekistics (WSE). The text that follows is a revised and edited version of a paper he presented at the WSE Symposion "Defining Success of the City in the 21st century, " Berlin, 24-28 October, 2001 as a report of the Ekistics Education Model Project as proposed by the author at the Athens 1999 WSE meeting.



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