The future of the Basque Homeland: An ekistic approach


  • Lawrence D. Mann



Basque, Ekistics


The author is Professor Emeritus of Planning, School of Planning, College of Architecture, University of Arizona, Tucson; and Adjunct Professor of Regional Development, Department of Geography and Regional Development, Graduate College and the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the same university. Professor Mann is adviser to organizations and governments locally, regionally, nationally, in Latin America, Europe, etc., and also a member of the World Society for Ekistics (WSE). The text that follows is a revised, edited and radically reduced version of a paper presented at the WSE Symposion "Defining Success of the City in the 21st Century," Berlin, 24-28 October, 2001.



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Mann, L. D. (2002). The future of the Basque Homeland: An ekistic approach. Ekistics and The New Habitat, 69(415-417), pp. 337–344.