Vol. 84 No. 1 (2024): Regular Issue: Ekistics and the New Habitat

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The International Journal of Ekistics and the New Habitat, since its evolution from the renowned Ekistics journal in 2019, has proven itself as an active global platform for systematic, international, and comprehensive publication. Undergoing a restructuring in the new leadership during the first half of 2023, the journal now operates on a two-pillar management system, consisting of a core executive board of editors and a substantial editorial advisory board, both characterized by diversity and distinction, including prominent scholars and experts spanning various continents and disciplines. Ekistics and the New Habitat journal presently prioritizes expanding its global academic community and enhancing visibility, through raising its standards to attain higher rankings in recognition of its commitment to excellence.


Inspired by Constantinos A. Doxiadis (1913-1975) whose international outlook and a mission to enhance the quality of human settlements founded Ekistics, this general issue presents a new perspective for Ekistics and the New Habitat journal by focusing on a variety of crucial subjects associated with human settlements, spanning both theoretical considerations and diverse developmental contexts in regular and themed issues. It features four scholarly articles authored by renowned academics, encouraging further reflection on different facets of cities and urban environments. Additionally, another esteemed scholar presents his viewpoint in an article of that nature - a recently introduced submission format for the journal.

Published: 2024-01-02