Is Smart Growth a smart adaptation strategy?: Examining Ontario's proposed growth under climate change


  • Brad Bass


Climate Change


The author is a member of Environment Canada's Adaptation and Impact Research Group, located in the Centre for Environment at the University of Toronto. His primary research interests include the use of ecological technologies in adapting urban areas to atmospheric change, the impacts of climate change on the energy sector, and the characteristics of adaptable systems. His current work on ecological technologies includes green roofs, vertical gardens and living machines. Dr Bass has been involved in two major projects, in Ottawa and Toronto, to evaluate the impact of green roofs on the urban heat island, energy consumption, stormwater runoff and water quality. Currently, Dr Bass is conducting research on integrating green roof infrastructure with other vegetation strategies at a community scale, simulating the impact of a green roof on the energy consumption of individual buildings.



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Bass, B. (2004). Is Smart Growth a smart adaptation strategy?: Examining Ontario’s proposed growth under climate change. Ekistics and The New Habitat, 71(424-426), pp. 57-62. Retrieved from

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